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  • Television sets | Sonxplus

    Which TV to choose ?

    With the 2022 Olympics, many people are tempted to buy a big screen. It is appropriate to offer you a technical guide to help you in this decision. Since size remains the first source of initial dissatisfaction, it will be important to make the right choice.

    In addition to the format, other characteristics will have to be taken into account such as the resolution of the image, the refresh rate, the dynamic ratio etc.

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  • Samsung 8K: the latest

    Samsung 8K: the latest technology

    Walk into a store and look at a 1080P high-definition (Full HD) TV next to a 4K TV of the same size, with the same images; the difference is effortlessly noticeable. The 4K TV has more vibrant colors and much more nuanced contrast. You simply see more realistic detail with 4K... And you see the same kind of gain between a 4K screen versus the 8K screen. Clearer, sharper and more colorful images!

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  • Projectors: 11 points to

    Projectors: 11 points to consider

    Barely 20 years ago, the best-selling TV format was the 27-inch square tube screen... The "big" screens for the TV enthusiast were a Lilliputian 32 or 36 inches! Times have changed, because year...

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  • What is high fidelity

    What is high fidelity?

    To understand what happens when you listen to music, you need to know what constitutes the basis of it. It is well known that the art of music is made up of sound, but what must be faithfully reproduced when listening to it via an audio set?
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  • SONOS: Its history, its products. Unanimously appreciated

    SONOS: Its products, its history

    Sonos has always been looking for an affordable way to bring sound to the home. Breaking the Silent House was the advertising slogan from the very beginning. Over the years, several models of wireless speakers have appeared, ranging from small sizes for bedrooms to larger ones for living rooms and living areas.
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